What happens when disaster strikes?

It is a case of stating the obvious. All kinds of things could go wrong. As to what these bad things are would depend on the disaster in question. And another case of stating the obvious. Here, the talk is not on the odd thumb or finger prick that can quickly be resolved with a little sticking plaster. But perhaps this is a good metaphor to work with in terms of providing you with a little info on how professional or volunteer disaster relief services are supposed to work.  

The most likely scenarios where disaster relief, professional or voluntary, would be required are two-fold. In the one instance, the most common nationwide preoccupation would be with highly destructive storms and extreme weather patterns that continue to wreak havoc in those parts of the country where such weather phenomena are all too familiar and lamentable. And yet in spite of a fairly well developed infrastructural urban network and vast numbers in terms of human resources, many people continue to be hamstrung and stricken, not knowing what to do and who to turn to when the damage is already done.

disaster relief services

And what about those terrifying moments where the looming disasters can pretty much be sniffed never mind seen. And in the next instance, the urban and industrial disaster of collapsed floors, walls and, altogether, buildings, completely knocks people off of their feet, both physically and figuratively. And in the midst of all these surprised and distressed tenants is the landlord, equally surprised, if not now worse off, facing one of the worst disasters typical to this country, one which is completely of his own making.

But if tenants have been unsuccessful with lawsuits, this irresponsible property owner is forever branded as a slum lord.