Do you remember the piano man?

So many songs have been written about the piano man. If you yourself are a musician or simply an avid lover of the art of music, you will have added a few favorite tunes to your repertoire or collection. One family’s piano man just happened to be the old grandfather. But he passed on a long time ago. He did, however, leave them something very valuable indeed. The surviving members of this family will have fond recollections of those halcyon days. It was a moveable feast in more ways than one.

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As different family members made their entry to the grand old house, they were all given a rather grand welcome. The old grandfather would be seated on his piano stool, and lips pursed, he would string them a few bars from his favorite Scott Joplin collections. And when moods become mellow while tummies had to be settled after the feast, the old man would lapse into some of the great piano concertos, some of which this talented old man knew off by heart. Legend has it that he even did some composing of his own.

Nevertheless, he has left the family now. Among all other fond memories and legends left behind is that old Steinway. It would be a great pity to let it crumble away like that. But not to worry, this family is able to restore this old piano to its former glory by enlisting the services of the piano repair troy man. And you can bet your bottom dollar that he can play quite a few bars of his own on those ebony and ivory keys. Because there is nothing unusual about this. See if you can find a piano repair man who cannot play the plonk as well.