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How to Keep Pet Odors Out of your Home

Pets are man’s best friend but there is no doubt they cause quiet the odor in our homes. We love our pets, but their odors, not so much. If you want to continue adoring your pet but keep the odor out of your home, there are a few simple techniques that can considerably minimize the pet odors that are smelled in your home.

Use an Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme cleaners are the best to use to remove pet messes from the carpet or the floor. Simply spray the cleaner, let it soak for about 30 minutes, and blot dry with a cloth. The odor and stain are both gone!

Vacuum the Carpet

If there are carpets in the home, it is important to vacuum them regularly, especially as a pet owner. Pets leave smells behind as they walk and lie around. You might smell mud, urine or feces, dander, or other smells. Vacuuming the floor helps remove some of these odors.

Keep Furniture Clean

Pet smells in furniture are pretty gruesome. While you may not smell them, other people surely do. Make sure to clean the future. You can use a brush to clean upholstery fabrics, with hot water and dish soap.

Use Waste Management Services

Although using a waste management company will not directly minimize pet odors, it does keep odors in the home down since trash is picked up on a regular basis. Most waste management pinellas county companies provide weekly pickup service that you should take advantage of.

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Bathe Your Pet

Keep your pet clean and you’ll considerably reduce the smells and odors in the home. The frequency of baths differs from one pet to another. Heed the advice of the veterinarian and ensure that your pet is always clean.